Patty Queen Circus Show!

PATTY QUEEN loooves glamour!

Her passion for the circus art is fully present throughout this brilliant, high-energy show! Patty Queen is always looking to do things the right way, with unexpected results!

PATTY QUEEN is full of naive ambition and spontaneity. She tries to make sure everything is perfect and really doesn’t want to forget anything! You’ll see her numerous talents with her unicycle, her ladder and her juggling. Accompanied by her favourite little friend, she encounters a few problems and you will laugh as she tries to extricate herself with dubious success. She creates magic moments that will impress the most sceptical of spectators.

One-woman show?
Not exactly. All along the public is her accomplice, sharing the moment and participating in her silly world for her great pleasure.

This unique mix of comedy, skills and balance will amaze everybody!