Marie-France Gravel

Marie-France Gravel is an accomplished circus artist in juggling, unicycle, acrobatic ladder and theatrical clown.

She studied her acting with Don Rieder, Soizic Hébert (Cirque du Soleil) and took training courses in movement with Valerie Dean. She developed her clownesque character with Francine Côté (Cirque du Soleil). Always striving to explore and improve her physical technique, she continually works at upgrading her training in dance, mask, movement, hand to hand, handstand, acrobatic and voice.

The approach of the theatrical clown in the mise en scene of both her stage shows and her street arts shows has permitted her to develop a vulnerability and a mindfulness of the present moment, to listen and to create a special moment with the public.

The non-verbal space give access to the collective imagination and permits everyone to understand the emotive state of the moment, to share it, to understand it and to answer to it.

Marie-France believes in developing the essential elements of the clown: simplicity, lightness, honesty of emotions, vulnerability and the pleasure to play. These allow her the room to create, open her to the world and to others.

Discover her 3 main characters in pictures and videos:
Patty Queen, Cabaret Girl and Iboka.